The first time I went to Bounce in Tingalpa, I thought it was such a fantastic idea. As with a lot of great ideas, you wonder why this hadn’t been thought of before. A big warehouse filled with a variety of trampoline activities, appealing to big and little kids in like measure. Simple! They have made Bounce at Tingalpa a very trendy place to go to, using bright colours and modern design touches to ensure it doesn’t feel like you are in a big warehouse. The Bounce staff are really friendly and they make a pretty decent coffee to cap it off (get it… cappuccino). Whilst our older kids love going to Bounce, I, on the other hand, get mixed emotions. With Lynell assuming babysitting duties, I always get to be the bouncing supervisory adult in attendance.

As an adult approaching 40 way too quickly, the deceptive mind thinks its 16 again when you get to places like these, yet the body soon gives you a reality check that you are a long way past your best-before date for gymnastic capabilities. Following the kids excited lead as they bounce off along the surprisingly responsive and efficient trampolines, a couple of big bounces in and I can literally feel my spine compressing, and my brain straining around in its cranium. It’s a mildly depressing realization that I’m one of the older blokes here, more so that I actually have to jump like it too to ensure an impromptu ambulance trip isn’t called for.

A typical day at Bounce is broken into hourly time slots. A fixed number of people are allowed onto the trampoline floor at any one time to help manage safety. My kids with their enviable limitless energy spend the whole hour that we are allocated running around the various trampoline activities, whilst I try to think of excuses to leave the kids to enjoy it by themselves. There are only so many coffee stops you can have before your kids wise up to you.

If you are thinking of going to visit Bounce, and if you have kids, you really must as I don’t think there is any kid that wouldn’t enjoy this place. Bear in mind it is very popular so you may want to make a booking to ensure that you get a place in your preferred time slot. If you are a 30-40 something adult, just take it easy, have a stretch or two before heading on the trampolines, and remember – what goes up must come down – just hope it is a soft and graceful landing.

Families are well-catered for with baby changing facilities, a café with decent coffee, and a viewing platform so self-respecting parents that don’t want to risk an age-related spinal subluxation – can watch on in comfort. The only thing currently lacking at Bounce is a little enclosed play area for the toddlers and little kids under 3 years of age that aren’t old enough to get on the trampolines. With all the colour, squeals of laughter, music, and excitement – they want to go downstairs and play as well!

A new attraction to Bounce we found on our most recent visit is an adventure challenge course named X-Park. It’s essentially an American Ninja Warrior style training course. So for all you American Ninja Warrior fans – this adventure course is for you! Needless to say, I quickly retreated to the viewing platform for a coffee before being egged on to injury by the little people. You need to purchase an X-Park wristband from reception to record your time – which will then be added to the leader/loser board depending on your performance; whether you are a glass half full or empty kind of person. You also need to wear lace up flat soled shoes rather than the bounce socks.

Happy bouncing!